Activa - This World (2009)

Artist: Activa
Title: This World
Label: Discover/DISCOVERCD10
Style: Trance
Release Date: Oct-16-2009
Format: mp3, CD1 - Mixed / CD2 - Unmixed
Quality: VBR kbps
Size: 185 Mb


01. Minute One
02. This World
03. Can You Feel It (Feat. Julie Harrington)
04. Moments (Feat. Alexandra Michelli)
05. They Never Change (Feat. Cat Martin)
06. Atlantic
07. Salt Lake
08. Affirmation (Original Airflow Mix)
09. Long Way Back (Feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani)
10. Get On With It
11. Don't Leave Me
12. Rise Above (Club Mix)
13. Another Day
14. Terminal 5 (Feat. Gary Maguire)
15. War Game (Feat. Peetu S)
16. Transmission

01. Eternity And A Day
02. You Are Here (Feat. Julie Harrington)
03. Away From This (Feat. Julie Harrington)
04. One Step Closer (Feat. Julie Harrington)

Bonus Material
05. End Of Summer (Gary Maguire Remix)
06. You Are Here (Feat. Julie Harrington - Thomas Datt Remix)
07. Away From This (Feat. Julie Harrington - Simon Bostock Remix)

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