All Eurodance 90's vol.02 (2010)

Категория: Коллекция альбомов, сборников, синглов
Исполнитель: V.A.
Название диска: All Eurodance 90's vol.02
Жанр: Eurodance, Dance, Trance, Techno
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 192-320 kbps
Размер файла: 577,16 Mb


1.Future Beat - Destiny ' 1994
2.Destiny (Remix)
3.Dance To The Rhythm
4.The Only One
5.Faith The Night
6.Destiny (Original)
7.For Your love
8.X-Tasy (Lp-Mix)
9.It's My Party
10.Trancenation Chillout
11.Power Of Dancing feat Megatroni

2.E-Type - Euro Forever ' 2001
1.Norby Forever
4.Banca Banca
5.Arabian Star
6.When I Close My Eyes
7.Lonelyness - Ring The Alarm
10.No More Tears
12.Campione 2000
13.Oh Weda

3.DJ Bobo - Dance With Me ' 1993
2.Somebody Dance With Me
3.Take Control
5.Keep On Dancing
6.I Want Your Body
7.Uh Uh
8.Let's Groove On
9.Somebody Dance With Me (Italian mix)
11.Move Your Feet
12.Keep On Dancing (12'' New Fashion Mix)
13.Somebody Dance With Me (DMC Remix)

4.Music Instructor - The World Of Music Instructor ' 2000
2.Hymm [Go Dowm Mix]
3.Hands in the Air [Original Mix]
4.Dream a Little Dream (Music Instructor)
5.Everybody (Tabak)
6.Na.. Na...Na...Na (Trenz)
7.Dance (MichaelsMM Dollar)
8.Celebration (Michaels-MM Dollar)
9.If You Feel Alone (Trenz)
10.Stay by Me (Michaels-MM Dollar)
11.Dream a Little Dream [Special Pitch)
12.Hand in the Air [Circle Nordlead Mix
13.Dance  (Michaels-MM Dollar)
14.If You Feel Alone  (Trenz)

5.Milk Inc. - Double Cream ' 2001
1.Never Again
2.Land Of The Living
3.Walk On Water
4.Don't Cry
5.Livin A Lie
6.For No Reason
7.Sweet Surrender
8.Time Has Stood Still
9.Midnight In Africa
10.Losing Love
11.La Vache
12.In My Eyes
13.Inside Of Me
15.Saxy Motion
16.Boy Meets Girl
18.Land Of The Living (Kevins Marshal Trance Remix)

6.Alexia - Fun Club ' 1997
1.Uh La La La
2.Number One
3.Virtual Reality
4.Because I Miss You
5.Summer Is Crazy
6.Another Way
7.Me And You
8.Hold On
9.Looking For My Baby
10.Beat Of The Night
11.Number One (spanish version)
12.Make You Happy

1.Magic Motion - Wonderland (Single) ' 1997
1.Wonderland (Radio Edit)
2.Wonderland (Hardfloor Mix)
3.Wonderland (C.C.Club Mix)
4.Wonderland (Pierre's House Mix)

2.No Mercy - Where Do You Go (Single) ' 2003
1.K.O.Anthem Dub
2.K.O.Anthem Mix

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