Категория: Коллекция альбомов, сборников, синглов
Исполнитель: V.A.
Название диска: All Eurodance 90's vol.05
Жанр: Eurodance, Dance, Trance, Techno
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 192-320 kbps
Размер файла: 609 Mb

Коллекция Eurodance альбомов 90-х! Диск 5.


01.E-Type - Made In Sweden ' 1994
1.Made In Sweden
2.Set The World On Fire
3.This Is The Way
4.So Dem A Com
5.Fight It Back
6.Until The End
7.When Religion Comes To Town
8.Will I See You Again
9.Do You Always
10.Russian Lullaby
11.Me Not Want Miseria
12.Set The World On Fire (Unplugged)

02.Fun Factory - Fun-Tastic ' 1995
3.Do Wah Diddy (Doh Wah Diddy)
4.Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It)
5.I Love You
6.Don't Fight
7.I Wanna Be With U
8.Together Forever
9.Don't Go Away
10.All For You (Close To You 2)
11.Be Good To Me
12.Back In The Days

03.Cappella - U Got 2 Know ' 1994
1.U Got 2 Know
2.U Got 2 Let The Music
3.Don't Be Proud
4.U & Me
6.What I Gotta Do
7.Move On Baby
8.Shake Your Body
9.The Big Beat
10.Move It Up
11.U Got 2 Let The Music (RMX)
12.Cappella Gigamix (U Got 2 Know)

04.2 Unlimited - Get Ready ' 1992
1.Get Ready For This (Vocal Version)
2.Twilight Zone (Rave Version Edit)
3.The Magic Friend
5.Rougher Than The Average
8.Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix)
9.Twilight Zone (Club mix)
10.The Magic Friend (Instrumental)
11.Workaholic (Instrumental)
13.Eternally Yours
14.Pacific Walk

05.Blumchen - Justmin ' 1998
1.Ich Bin Wieder Hier
3.Blaue Augen
4.Immer Noch Verliebt
5.Denk Noch Mal Druber Nach
6.Willkommen In Meinem Garten
7.Hand In Hand (gewalt ist doof!)
8.Ganz Bald
9.Der Beste Von Allen
11.So Wie Ein Wunder
12.Nur Fur Euch
13.Es Ist Vorbei

06.Dolphin's Mind - Fluid (The album) ' 1998
1.The Flow (Deep)
2.Believe In You (The Whistle Song)
3.(I Don't Know What To Do) Without You
5.Rain Forest
7.La Luna
8.Madam Butterfly
10.From The North To The South, From The East To The West 11.Dolphin’s World
12.Believe In You (The Wistle Song) (York Remix)
13.L'Esperanza (Kai Tracid Remix)

01.Slam - Crazy (Single) ' 1996
1.The Craziest Radio Edit
2.US Electric Radio Edit
3.The Craziest mix
4.US Electric Boogie Mix
5.Morning Star Remix
6.Sweet Dreams Remix
7.Saxy Funk Mix
8.Rubberdub Mix

02.Texture - Power Of Love (Single) ' 1994
1.Radio Edit
2.New Bass
3.Club Mix


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